Address: 10-12 Teed St, Newmarket, Auckland 1023

Phone: 09 523 4223

Website: andsushi.mobi2go.com

Gram: @andsushinz

Criteria Verdict

Ridiculously photogenic sushi that DEMANDS to be grammed.


Pretty small space, and usually buzzing. Plants and #botanical everywhere 🌿

First impression of Menu

The cabinet sushi is decked out like a jewellers! The menu has standard Japanese dishes, there are plenty of vegan options too.


We all love a good ampersand.


Ordering from the cabinet is easy, but when ordering from the menu expect a wait as the Uber Eats hype is real.


“The best damn sushi I’ve ever eaten!” – Caitlin, resident sushi connoisseur.


Pretty spendy for sushi, but for the taste and care put into them makes them worthwhile. Bowl dishes are a fail-safe option.